2) Units

Arsenals radiate lines of communication. They are immobile and have no defense but can be occupied by friendly units. Occupation by the enemy means the arsenal is destroyed, and the elimination of both arsenals means the game is won.

All units must remain in direct connection with their own lines of communication, or be adjacent to a friendly unit in communication. If not, the unit goes offline and becomes inert. Units are free to move out of communicative range, but once offline they may not move, attack, or defend themselves. (However any nearby friendly units will still lend their defense to offline units.) Relay units are an exception: they may move freely in and out of communication, yet will only relay the arsenal's signal if in direct line of sight.

Lines of communication are blocked by mountains and by enemy units. However communication passes freely through mountain passes and is not blocked by enemy relays.

Relays have a defense of 1 and cannot attack. They move 1 square per turn.

Swift relays are identical to normal relays, except that they can move 2 squares per turn.

Combat Units

Each player begins the match with 9 infantry, 4 cavalry, 1 cannon, and 1 swift cannon.

A sturdy combat force, infantry attack for 4 points and have a base defense of 6. They move 1 square per turn and have a combat range of 2.

Fast and powerful, cavalry have a base attack of 4 points and a defense of 5. Their range and movement are limited to 2. Cavalry possess a special "charge" ability, which increases attack to 7 when adjacent to the enemy. The charge can stack with multiple cavalry in a column each adding 7 to the attack.

With a range of 3 squares, cannons are built for siege. They attack for 5 points and have a base defense of 8. The cannon moves 1 square per turn.

The swift cannon moves 2 squares. Otherwise it is identical to the normal cannon in attack, defense, and range.

Mountains & Fortifications

Passes allow transport through mountains. They give a defensive bonus of 2 to infantry and cannons (swift and normal).

Fortresses can be occupied by either faction and offer a defensive bonus of 4 to infantry and cannons (swift and normal).

Mountains are untraversable. They block attacks and lines of communication.