Notes for a Liberated Computer Language
Version 2.1, August 2006
Authors: Alexander R. Galloway, Eugene Thacker

Data Types
Control Structures


backdoor ENTITY
Installs a backdoor in the specified entity. If no target is provided, the backdoor is installed in the local entity.

bandwidth AMOUNT
Enlarges or reduces communication bandwidth by AMOUNT.

bitflip DATA, NUMBER
Randomly flips a specified number of bits in a digital source specified by DATA.

Introduce specified NUMBER of bugs into the code of the specified program.

Represent a non-executing STATEMENT of unqualified validity within the source code. Claims may be true, false, or uncertain.

crash TIME
Crashes the machine after the number of seconds provided by TIME. If TIME is not provided, the crash will occur immediately.

Introduces wear and tear, specified by number of months given in TIME, into specified HARDWARE.

desert HOST
A sudden, apparently random cessation of all functions, tasks, and processes. The departure of the operating system from the machine.

destroy ENTITY
Eliminates the specified entity.

disidentify ENTITY
Removes all unique IDs, profile data, and other quantitative identifiers for the specified entity.

drift ENTITY
Initiates for specified ENTITY an aimless wandering within or between hosts.

emp TIME
After the number of seconds provided by TIME, this function sends an electromagnetic pulse, neutralizing self and all machines within range.

Invokes in PLACE an electroneurotic wave that will propagate virtually for an unpredictable duration modifying the actual parameters of extimacy.*

An inductive function for articulation of unknown future realities. Often used in conjunction with rebuild.

exorcise [USER]
Prohibits USER from accessing a given host. If USER is not specified, function stipulates that the host will run only when there are no users present.

Introduces logical fallacies into any other language method specified by FUNCTION.

frees TIME
Frees the machine from operating by freezing it for the number of seconds specified in TIME.

invert HEX
Allows a machine to infect itself with malicious code specified in HEX by first sending that code across a network to other machines and then receiving it back in an altered form.

Sends jamming signal to the specified NETWORK.

Unlink a random file on the storage medium specified by DEVICE.

Introduces a mutation into the given informatic SEQUENCE.

narcolepsis HOST
Unexpected initiation of "sleep" mode in a given organic or inorganic HOST (see also Refusal).

netbust TARGET
Exposes a network specified in TARGET to extremely high voltages, thereby fatally damaging any network hardware attached to the network. TARGET can also be "self" to affect only the local interface.

Scatters a specific AMOUNT of random noise packets into the default network interface using the specified PROTOCOL.

obfuscate SEQUENCE
Render any given SEQUENCE (gene, character string, etc.) illegible to any known parsing technologies.

obsolesce HARDWARE
Renders any given piece of HARDWARE obsolete. Opposite of reclaim.

overclock MULTIPLIER
Increase the clock frequency of the central processing unit according to the value of MULTIPLIER. A negative value will decrease the clock frequency.

possess SEQUENCE
Allows any system, living or nonliving, to take control of itself.

Selects a process at random and kills it.

Randomly renumbers all currently running process IDs.

rebuild ENTITY
Begins the process of rebuilding the specified entity. Often used to remedy the effects of destroy.

reclaim HARDWARE
Rescues any given piece of HARDWARE from obsolescence. Opposite of obsolesce.

Rebuffs the current state of affairs. Often used as a precursor to destroy.

repress MEMORY
Disables any and all attempts to anthropomorphize the machine.

reverseEngineer TARGET
If object specified in TARGET is an application, this function decompiles the application and returns commented source code. If the object specified in TARGET is a protocol, this function returns a formal description of the protocol.

scramble DEVICE
Randomly shuffle all filenames on the storage medium specified by DEVICE.

Imposes fatal physical damage on self. Equivalent to `destroy SELF`.

Assists agitation and opposition to existing exploitation and control.

Clears all RAM on local machine.

* Contributed by Işık Barış Fidaner

Read in Turkish translation.