Notes for a Liberated Computer Language
Version 2.1, August 2006
Authors: Alexander R. Galloway, Eugene Thacker

Data Types
Control Structures


() Cast
Transform an entity from its current type to a new type.

-- Debase
Decreases the political or social standing of the predicate.

!= Disassignment
Assigns any other entity except for the one specified in the predicate.

=/ Disputatio
Spontaneously makes further, perhaps useless, distinctions within a given entity.

:: Figuration
Establishes a figurative relationship between two or more entities.

- Hybrid
Combines two or more entities into a new hybrid entity cast from the "empty" type.

// Invalidation*
Invalidate the subject with respect to its predicate. The subject entity loses all its significance, and the predicate entity becomes a Thing-In-Itself. Opposite of Sublation.

?+ Manna
Assigns new values to pre-existing entities, the meaning of which is known only to the machine.

<> Negotiate
Reassigns the predicate entity based on a negotiation between it and the subject entity.

"" Normative
Attaches a political evaluation to a type or code block.

^ Parasite
Establishes a parasitical relationship between two or more entities.

++ Privilege
Increases the political or social standing of the predicate.

Γ Sublation*
Assumilate the subject in the predicate. The subject entity becomes the simple negation of the predicate entity. Opposite of Invalidation.

* Contributed by Işık Barış Fidaner

Read in Turkish translation.